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  • Lakeland Diamonds
    By 'Across the North' Editor, 4/5/14
    It occurs to me that this might have provided the basis for an "April fool" joke last Tuesday. "Lake District pencil makers switch to producing diamonds" - or something like that. Sadly, it wasn't until this morning that I saw the article in The Atla ... {Read more here}

  • Is Rural Lancashire at Risk from Housing Developments?
    By 'Across the North' Editor, 3/25/14
    I guess some who do not know the county may be asking, "Rural Lancashire? I thought it was all old mill towns." Well, I'll try to respond politely. Yes, there are some old mill towns. There are also vast areas of splendid countryside, wonderful river ... {Read more here}

  • British Birds of Prey, Large and Small
    By 'Across the North' Editor on 3/25/14
    A MerlinDendroica cerulea / Foter / CC BYYesterday morning, driving on a back road along the Eden Valley I suddenly spotted a bird of prey, a large buzzard hovering and then gliding over the fields to the left. I stopped the car for a minute or two. ... {Read more here}

  • Cumbria rivers threatened by non-native shrimps
    By 'Across the North' Editor on 3/15/14
    Another challenge from non-native species in our Northern rivers: "Demon and killer shrimp are threatening Cumbrian waters as the fishing season begins. With the start of the trout fishing season today (March 15), the threat to the River Eden and its ... {Read more here}

  • Welcome financial support for East Lancs museums
    By 'Across the North' Editor on 3/14/14
    Museums can very easily these days become casualties of local government expenditure constraints. Indeed, one of the museums below (The Whitaker) which was formerly local government funded  is now the responsibility of a local business group. Ot ... {Read more here}

  • Oriental Treasures in Durham to be Internet Accessible
    By 'Across the North' Editor on 3/14/14
    Durham University's Oriental Museum has a world wide reputation and now its treasures are to made accessible over the Internet through the development of a new computer application built by the Universities of Durham and Teesside. Read more here

  • Historic York riverside gantry to be saved
    By 'Across the North' Editor on 3/14/14
    It's always good to see a town or city's industrial heritage being preserved. This is not merely a matter of sentimentality. It is important that new generations should be able to see how the place where they live, or are visiting, arrived at where i ... {Read more here}

  • More Wind Farms in West Cumbria?
    By 'Across the North' Editor on 7/13/13
    I am not opposed to wind farms per se. They should be a part of the national electricity generation complex. The problem is where to put them. Parts of West Cumbria, around Workington especially, were once the home to heavy industry. It is arguable, ... {Read more here}
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